Paid Hotel Management Internship in the UAE for International Students – Everything you need to know!

Internships are a great way to get close to your dream job. Recent graduates and early-career professionals are frequently at a crossroads, unsure of what to do or how to break into their chosen career. We bring everything you need to travel abroad right to your fingertips as the leading online search engine for international internships in hotel management. From thousands of internship opportunities with real-life participant reviews to expert travel articles. PAX has got you covered at every step of the way, explore more and more options, and buckle down to plan and execute your own dream paid hotel management internship abroad for international students.

UAE is known to possess dynamic infrastructure. It is ranked on top in terms of ease of doing business, business environment, and an amazing place to live. United Arab of Emirates is truly international. Because of UAE’s educational policies, learning is relatively inexpensive. Foreign talents continue to be an important resource for UAE, as many hotels find it difficult to find suitable employees to help with regional and local business expansion or replacement needs.

5 Benefits of Paid Hotel Management Internship in United Arab of emirates (Dubai) –

UAE is an open economy with a strong service and manufacturing sector. UAE relies on foreign workers and talent at all levels of the skill spectrum. UAE intends to keep luring global talent and top management to its shores. The city provides students with a local as well as a global work environment in which to launch their careers at a rapid pace.

  1. Professional Development: Hoteliers all over the world regard the Middle East as one of the best places to gain work experience.
  2. Adventurous Activities: Desert safaris, gastronomy, culture, skydiving, shopping, water parks, and other activities abound. You can combine your paid internship in the United Arab of emirates
  3. With your leisure activities.
  4. Career advancement: More than 60% of our interns received a job offer following their internship. A fantastic opportunity to launch your career.
  5. Top hotel brands: Learn about and experience some of the most exclusive services and quality standards in the world.
  6. One-of-a-kind experience: UAE is a place where traditional Arabic culture collides with some of the world’s most innovative cities.

The main advantage of any internship is not the ability to earn a six-figure salary, but rather it is an opportunity to gain valuable experience. A paid hotel management internship in UAE for international students will always be a plus point and will surely look good on your resume and can only help you advance in your career. Fortunately, there are numerous student internships in United Arab of emirates (Dubai) from which to choose. Some of the advantages of global internships in the UAE include exposure to a wide range of tasks and departments of the hotel industry. You will be mentored, will build a professional network, and will be staying in the bustling metropolis of UAE.

Program Highlights –

  • Immerse yourself in Middle Eastern culture, a luxury world at your fingertips
  • Gain international experience by working in one of the world’s most opulent 4 star and 5 star hotels and resort properties
  • Earn money, explore experience and live comfortably
  • You get the opportunity to make new friends and broaden your network
  • Make the most of your paid internship in the United Arab of emirates by living and acting like a local

Join the hospitality internship and job programme to learn about Middle Eastern culture. As a global financial trade hub, paid hotel management internship in UAE will not only provide a comfortable lifestyle but also allow you to live tax-free while seeing a completely different side of the world. If you are a hospitality management student looking for a unique experience, we have the perfect opportunity for you! You can work on the following areas: –

  • Front Desk
  • Guest Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Food and Beverage
  • Restaurant & Kitchen
  • Any other as per your preference

Internship Program in the UAE Eligibility and Requirements –

We’ve already mentioned some benefits in broad terms, but there are more details about these and other benefits to consider when considering UAE internships, whether it’s a student internship or an early career internship. There are endless benefits if you opt for a paid hotel management INTERNSHIP IN UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Join this programme for six or twelve months. The following requirements must be complied for eligibility:

  • Must be a student enrolled in a college or have prior experience in tourism or hospitality
  • Age between 18 and 26 years old
  • Applications from all nationalities are reviewed to determine eligibility
  • A minimum of practical work exposure with out door catering, on job training, or any practical work done in the industry for a few days is required
  • Be open-minded and willing to work
  • Flexible in exploring the different culture


The United Arab of emirates is welcoming, safe and secure. Here, you will never get bored as UAE has unique modes of entertainment. The cosmopolitan culture itself is a great benefit for a learner to understand the social etiquette required in today’s world. Many students who want to study abroad have no idea where (or how) to start looking for study abroad programmes. Good news! PAX Edutainment can assist you in making your study abroad dreams a reality. If your career goals are already crystal clear, or if you’re looking to make a career move after graduation or during your internship semester break, it might be time to start looking for international internships.

Contact us for more information on this one-of-a-kind desired internship program in the UAE!

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  1. As I am doing my college studies from Institute of hotel managment Ahmedabad, India and i want to do my internship of 6 months from 5 star property of abu dhabi Or dubai . So please help me out with some information.

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