Must Have Documents Before Going for an Internship Abroad

Undertaking an internship abroad is quite common nowadays. It not only opens the door to many new opportunities for young students but also helps them in widening their horizons. Recently several news articles have come up regarding students facing issues in getting themselves enrolled into institutions, or jobs just because of some missing documents. Due to this reason, we have made a list of all the necessary documents that you gotta have, to get yourself enrolled in any internship program. Just have a look!

  1. Passport and Visa:

Getting a valid passport and visa is a must! Without this, entering overseas is permitted. Do keep in mind that for some countries, it is mandatory that your passport is valid even after six months of your departure from the country. Check these things beforehand, or else you might get stuck!

Talking about visas, make sure to have the correct visa for your internship period. For unpaid internships abroad, it is not mandatory to get a working visa, even a tourist visa shall do. Interns also have the option to travel on a student visa if they are still pursuing their studies at college or university. Working visas tend to take a longer time to get approved, thus it is advisable to travel either on a student or tourist visa.  

  1. Travel insurance:

Getting yourself travel insurance is mandatory. Accidents are unavoidable, hence we never know what bad bad things might happen in a foreign land. Thus it is necessary to be well-prepared beforehand. This type of insurance saves you from many problems like unseen medical emergencies, theft, problems caused by bad weather, refund of canceled flights, misplaced baggage, etc. Thus, better be prepared!

  1. Learning agreement papers:

The learning agreement is a must document before heading for an internship abroad. It basically states the responsibilities that you will be assigned while doing your internship. It even acts as proof of your internship program. The learning agreement differs from industry to industry. It contains all the main objectives, roles, tasks, and company projects that you will be doing. These are generally provided by the university as a form of the learning agreement.

  1. Working permit:

A work permit is compulsory even for interns in any foreign country that you are going to for the internship or exchange program. This is a type of  temporary work visa from that particular country. But do keep in mind that you can work in only that occupation for which you have been permitted to, and cannot change into a different occupation during the stipulated internship period.


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Lastly, may you get your desired internship abroad without any hassle. All the best for a wonderful future ahead!

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