Top 5 Countries for Summer Internship in 2023

Summer internships might be for a short span of time, but the amount of knowledge and experience, and skills developed is definitely incomparable. These types of things will help you make your resume much better. If you are planning to do a summer internship abroad in the year of 2023, here are a few top countries that are known to be the best places for summer internships destinations you should consider for an internship abroad!


America has always proved to be the best in every sphere, whether it be in terms of lifestyle or jobs. An internship in America is the best way to give yourself professional experience with mentors from all across the globe. It is the epicenter of all job careers, whether it be fashion, business, finance,  media, and many more. An internship from here will be like adding a feather to your cap. Summer internships are also quite popular here among students during the spring and fall. Culturally, New York City is second to none. Cities like New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles are really popular among students for summer internships.


Australia has always been one of the top destinations for interns. People tend to fall in love with the city due to its warm and welcoming culture. This place is one of the best options for students from the tourism sector. Other popular career fields for an internship here include marketing, business,  law, fashion,  etc. An internship here will truly help you grow your professional horizons. Some popular cities for summer internships among students are Melbourne and Sydney.


Singapore is a trending country among students for summer internships. It has been stated as the safest country in the world and is the best place to do business internships. Even in terms of lifestyle, it’s the best!


Mauritius is a diverse country, and doing a summer internship here is the best gift that you can ever give yourself. Mauritius is a great place for business, as well as tourism which makes it a perfect internship destination for students from these niches. People mostly speak in English, so there won’t be any language barrier for you either. The popular cities for internships in Mauritius are Port Louis, Grand Bay, Flic en flac, etc. In Mauritius, you will even get to experience the amazing nature along with the subtropical climate.

  1. DUBAI:

An internship in Dubai will give you a lifetime experience.  offer you new opportunities and experiences that you never had before. Everything out there is top-notch, whether it be the way of living or the teaching pattern. Along with the internships, you can even enjoy everything that the city has to offer.


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Lastly, may you get to learn a lot during your summer internship period, and also have fun. All the best for a wonderful future ahead!

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