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Interning abroad can be considered a better fit for students who wish to enhance their professional life. Moreover, professionals looking to enhance their skills and gain world-class experience willingly opt for Internships. Taking up international internship opportunities all around the globe is becoming fairly the new normal. It’s indeed a great option for a young individual who is looking to gain multicultural experiences before starting out a professional full time career.

PAX Edutainment offers and caters internships to young students and recent graduates internship opportunities all around the globe. Their website mentions all the details of their programs here. has all Internships available in the industry. Internship in Singapore, Internship in Goa, Hotel Management Internship Abroad, Internship in the UK, International Virtual Internship, and more.

You can choose to find an internship program that suits your interest and will give you the best professional development experience possible. Whereas, choosing an internship suited best for you can be overwhelming. You need to develop your interest in the field. Intern abroad programs can be searched based on your preferences and the kind of work/job you are looking for.

You would know until now that an international internship is an investment in your future. Therefore, there is an endless number of internships abroad you can opt for. This guide on internship opportunities abroad will help you secure an internship suited best for you.

Types of Internship opportunities available all around the globe with PAX

Find an internship abroad according to your interest and gain invaluable experience. You are at the right place to go through the kinds of internships you can look for around the globe. Here is a list of some international opportunities –

Internship in Goa 

Goa is more of a fun destination with beaches all around and parties. Equally, the internship will open doors to the possibility of academic acceleration, travelling experiences, cultural immersion, and much more. Most of the internships are paid whereas some help you to earn academic efficiency. Internship in Goa will give you feelings of a fancy dream come true with some gorgeous views and exploring the culture. Do your research well which applying for an Internship in Goa. Simultaneously, it is a great opportunity to learn and enjoy at the same time. You will enjoy being in Goa and can explore the beaches and other beauties.

Internship in the UK

The Internships in the UK rank the best and are internationally valued and recognized. No matter what your field of interest is you will surely get an Internship in the UK. It will give you the experience to stand out of the crowd and compete in the market. Additionally, our team helps you with everything. From searching for an internship to the final process, we take care of all. Get in touch today and discover the possibilities of an internship abroad to gain real-world experience.

Internship in Singapore

Choosing an internship abroad allows you to build your Resume and Network that will help you learn and grow.  Use PAX as an internship abroad guide to help you find the best-suited internship in Singapore. Moreover, be clearly sure about your goals. Meanwhile, you should start saving your money for your dream internship. Proper planning and preparation are a must for an unforgettable international internship. Choosing an internship in Singapore will allow you to balance your travel dreams and grow your career simultaneously.

Hotel Management Internship Abroad

Nothing is better than an internship to boost up your Resume. Hotel Management Internship Abroad will give a kick start to your career. Internships help you to develop the skills you need to succeed ultimately enhancing your professional career. Hotel Management is one of the most popular fields students opt for. Hotel Management Internship Abroad allows you to have experience working in different departments of the Hotel Industry. It also allows you to interact with people and see the industry standards and gain some in-house experience.

International Virtual Internship

When you secure an International Virtual Internship to gain global experience. Virtual Internships help to advance your dream career. This is a great opportunity to make your resume sparkles with international experience. Students and professionals who are looking for an opportunity to strengthen their work experience have a tremendous opportunity to gain international work experience. It adds significant value to your resume, enhances cultural intelligence, helps you build a professional network.

Internship Abroad

We at PAX provides internship all over the globe. Internships in all fields with reputed companies are available with us. We have tie-ups with leading brands and institutions providing Internships Abroad. Interning abroad holds great value to your resume as well as in your life. Getting an expert’s insight about interning abroad can be very helpful for working overseas. You need to expand your horizons, explore the culture around you by developing essential skills. Students looking for hands-on experience before or while college opt for an Internship Abroad for a better professional career.


Internship after graduation or while in college can help you get close to your potentials. An internship can enhance your CV and can help you to get a high-paying job. We enable students and young professionals from all over the globe to gain valuable international work experience. Also, Internships help you gain expertise and accelerate professional development.

You’ll intern, gain real-world skills, immerse yourself in cultural opportunities, and succeed in your future career. Hence, Prepare for a global career with an internship opportunity abroad with PAX Edutainment Today!

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