Specialization in Hotel Management Internship Abroad

Departments of specialization available in Hotel Management Internship Abroad

If you dream of Hotel Management as a career option for your future plans. The right way to start kicking your career in Hotels is with an Internship. Hotel Management Internship abroad will help you gain the practical knowledge of working in the International Hotel Industry.

Worried about how you could find an internship for yourself abroad? Leave it to the PAX Edutainment team, they provide internships for students who are willing to take up Hotel Management Internship Abroad. The candidates can apply for the hospitality departments of interest they are looking for. Hospitality Industry is vast and has various sectors you could fit in.

Hotel management internship abroad will include lots of hard work and learning both. Moreover, you get to learn the ins and outs of the hotel industry and the back-office work and the management of a hotel. You get to learn how the International hotel works and manage their customers and clients.

But how to decide the Hotel department’s area should one work and train in while taking up a Hotel Management Internship Abroad?

During a hotel management internship, there are a lot of departments you can work in. As Hotel Industry is vast and needs proper functioning which requires a lot of management. Hence, students need to concentrate on the particular areas, maybe 1 or 2 as they cannot specialize in all the areas with limited internship duration in hand. The Hotel Management Internship has divided area-wise. Some of them are Food & Beverage, Marketing, Housekeeping, Front-office, Accounting, Human Resources and more.

In this blog, we have decoded the departments to help you understand what would be the a good fit for you according to your interest.

Front Office Department

A smart, determined, and focused person is supposed to handle the guests at the front office. The first impression of any venture is important. The way the guests are supposed to handled and all major work the Front office department does is a part of the Hotel Management Internship. Here you will gain experience of working on the front desk and performing operations such as reservations, check-in, handling guest queries & requests, and more. If you may be familiarized with 1-2 international languages, like French/Spanish/German, it will be a bonus addition for you!


The housekeeping internship work is important work of any hospitality industry. It involves the maintenance of all the rooms and other housekeeping works relating to sanitization and hygiene. Here you gain experience and learnings in Inspecting the rooms, cleaning work, and checking on room attendants is what the major work is.

Food & Beverages Department

A major chunk of the hotel industry is food and beverages. Whether it is a hotel or resort, it is important to learn about guest services, food, and beverage servings, and other activities. Preparing tables, helping to present the menu, and maintaining the quality standards is what you will learn.

Information Technology (IT) Department

IT department is required to manage all the technology-related work. The hotel industry provides internships for hotel management students looking at it as a career option. The right amount of knowledge is required to manage all the technical work out there in the hotel.

Human Resources Department

HR department helps to keep the record and manage the workings of the employees and staffs working in the hotel. Hotel Industry hires a lot of staff on daily basis. Managing Human resources is important to get the workflow done properly. Working on preparing shifts, resolving human resource issues and queries to maximize staff efficiency and happiness will be big learning for any intern in this department.

Banquet Department

Big hotels and resorts have more than 1 banquet hall which requires a good combination of maintenance and surveillance. The hotel hires more and more people for such events happening. It is a great career option if you like to manage a team of decorators, coordinate with the events team, technicians, the sound team as well as work on internal arrangements.

Sales and Marketing Department

Marketing is an important part of any business. Whether it is a hotel or any other kind. Sales and marketing help to bring leads and customers to the business. The hotel works in the same way. The sales and marketing team of the hotel industry brings business to a particular venture. The hotel industry never stops hiring Sales and Marketing candidates. Sales and Marketing is a great option to take up during a hotel management internship abroad. This way you will also get a hang of international sales and hotel marketing.

Purchase and Storage Department

This area will help you to grow your network and come in contact with many vendors and other important people working in this industry or related to it. The purchase and storage department helps the hotel in maintaining the right number of stocks. It helps to keep an eye on everything coming inside the hotel. This can be a great career option if your core niche in networking along with stock management.

Accounts and Finance Department

This is an important part of the functioning of the hotel. The accounts and records of all the guests, staff, workers, vendors and other dealings are important. This department is one of the most important departments. If you are good at maintaining accounts and feel passionate about it. This could be the best area to get to learn about.

There are also departments like Spa & Wellness retreat, Entertainment Department, Internal Events Department, that are available in many 4 and 5-star properties.


Hotel Management Internship abroad gives interns much-needed exposure globally helping them stand apart from the crowd. This is for sure that a hotel management internship is more interesting if you step out of your comfort zone. It helps you to refine your skills while receiving training. You may apply for a hotel management internship abroad in countries like Mauritius, Singapore, Indonesia, UK, and more.

While colleges provide internships for hotel management students, it would be a great step forward to your career if you search on your own. PAX Edutainment provides hotel management internship abroad for a duration of 4 – 24 weeks, managing your flights, visa, internship confirmation in your field of interest in 3-4-5 star properties with all the necessary details and knowledge regarding the internship. You can decide what is best for you and which area you want to prefer for your internship abroad!

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