What are the different types of Internships?

You must have overheard people talking about different types of internship programs in their daily conversations but must have been confused about what those terms exactly mean. Depending on your work and the place you live in, there are different types of internship programs available for students. Internship programs can be classified according to many factors like salary, location, and work type. The different types of internships based on these factors are as follows:

Internships based on salary:

  • Paid Internships:

Paid internships not only provide money but also job experience. They are commonly seen in fields like accounting, finance, medicine, science, law, advertising, etc. These types of internships are usually provided during the end year of college. A lot of knowledge can be gained by interns during this time period. 

  • Non-paid internships:

Non-paid internships are generally organized by non-profit organizations. Some can even be volunteer positions. These types of internships are not only organized by the companies but also by the government. Certain criteria are to be met for getting into these types of unpaid internships.

  • Stipend-based internships:

Stipend/part-time internships usually look for student candidates and pay them a certain amount of salary in the form of a stipend. For those who are unaware of the term stipend, this is typically a small and fixed amount of money being paid on regular time intervals. These types of internships are also mostly conducted by certain organizations.

Internship programs based on location:

  • Virtual Internships:

Virtual internship programs are rapidly growing in terms of popularity. These allow individuals to work by being in the comfort of their homes. They don’t have to be present physically at their job location. You can gain job experience with ease. This type of internship is conducted virtually through the Internet. You get the liberty to work at your own pace.

  • Non-virtual internships:

A non-virtual internship program can simply be called an office internship. This is just regular work from the office which has been done for ages. It gives you the right working environment which is necessary to focus. Along with helping you gain experience, it also teaches you how to interact.

Internship programs depending on work niche:

  • Corporate internships:

In corporate internship programs, the students are taught about a company’s day-to-day business pattern and the procedures for creating marvelous and outstanding ideas and strategies. Different companies hire interns on campus as well as off-campus.

  • Career-oriented internships:

They offer internships in a particular work niche. Different sectors offering these internships are hospitality, human resources, administration, etc. These internships help you gain field experience as well as make your resume stand out.

  • Research-based internships:

Research-based internships are mostly offered by the institutions themselves to students. They are generally offered to students in their final year. With this kind of internship, a student does research for a particular company. The company can have something that they feel they need to improve, or the student can choose a topic in the company themselves. The results of the research study will be put in a report and often will have to be presented.


An internship hunt can be quite confusing, especially if you’re a newbie, you get puzzled even by listening to all the different terms related to it. Finding yourself the right internship can be no less than an uphill battle. So, in such cases, try to take help from someone who is aware of the entire internship-finding process. 

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All the best, and may you have a wonderful time in a new country!

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