Top things to do while Interning in Mauritius in 2023

Mauritius is a beautiful island with some of the most wonderful creations of god. The marvelous beaches and safaris make it a popular tourist destination. Some of their world-famous natural beauty include crystal clear blue water, tall mountains, and snowy white sand beaches. Recently, they are one of the trending destinations for interns as well to get their internship training done there. Just in case you too are planning to do an internship in Mauritius, here are some top things to do while interning in Mauritius in 2023. Check them out!

  1. Experiences fun water activities:

Mauritius is surrounded by water bodies from all sides. It has some of the most wonderful water activities in the world. One of which is, underwater diving along with sea walking. You get a glimpse of the beautiful coral reefs and lively marine fauna. You’ll get to witness something that you must have never done in your entire lifetime. Now you must be saying to yourself that “swimming is not my cup of tea”, but don’t you worry! A lifeguard will always be there to escort you underwater. 

You can even go for a submarine ride. On this ride, you will get to see different types of natural beauties like aqua faunas and coral reefs. Mauritius is home to many unique dolphin species. Do not forget to spot them!

  1. Don’t miss the local cuisine!

Local Mauritian cuisine is a combination of different parts of the world. This is due to the high immigration rate of workers in the olden times. Some of their must-try dishes include Dholl Puri, Farata, etc. They even have some amazing desserts. Especially if you’re going for a hotel management internship in Mauritius you must not miss these lip-smacking dishes as they will be a golden addition to your list of exotic dishes.

  1. Visit wildlife reserves and parks: 

Other worldwide famous tourist attractions in Mauritius include wildlife reserves and national parks. They are home to many unique animal and bird species. They have a wide variety of exotic animals too. Some famous wildlife reserves and parks in Mauritius include Yemen Reserve, Casela Wildlife Park, Black River Gorges National Park, etc. Do not miss these experiences at any cost if you ever get the opportunity to do an internship in Mauritius!

  1. Experience the local culture:

If you truly want to understand a place from its core, then the best thing to do is to experience its local culture first. You can do so in many ways. Try to connect with the locals, because they are the ones who actually have good knowledge about their city. Make local friends and visit places with historical importance and which are quite famous among them. Some famous heritage sites include the Martello towers, Le Morne Cultural Landscapes, Aapravasi ghat, etc.

  1. Visit the local markets:

Markets in Mauritius are very popular for their local and organically grown vegetables, fruit, and some exotic food items. They even sell amazing spices which are locally sourced. Some markets sell handmade arts and crafts too which can be kept as souvenirs. As an intern, you must indulge yourself in things like these wherever you go. These things will give you practical knowledge. 

  1. Visit museums:

Mauritius has an amazing collection of museums. Trust me, they are worth visiting. They are not only a great source of Mauritian history, but also have some breathtaking architecture to look at. Some of their famous museums are the Blue Penny Museum, the Frederick Hendrick Museum, the World of Seashells Museum, the Stamp Museum, the Mauritius Natural History Museum, etc.


The best way to know a new place is to blend in with it. Hence, try to have a brief knowledge about the past of that new city or country you are moving to. Always prepare a to-do list beforehand to not miss out on any fun activities. Make sure to avoid places that are unsafe, since we cannot afford to fall in trouble in a foreign land.

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Lastly, may you have a wonderful internship experience in Mauritius. Explore the country to the fullest!

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