How Can I Get Paid Hotel Management Internships Abroad From India?

Practical knowledge is a must! Only theoretical knowledge cannot help us in life. For this very reason, internships are extremely helpful, not just for the experience but also for creating a better network. It allows us to gain relevant knowledge and acquire great skills in our field.

Doing hotel management internship abroad is quite trending in India nowadays. In spite of such interest among students, they are still confused about how to find a paid internship abroad. But, worry not I’m here for your rescue! Below, I have discussed a few tips which you can follow to get a paid hotel management internship abroad for students in Mauritius and Dubai. Just have a look!

  1. Search the right place- In this technical era finding an internship is no big deal, but finding an internship in the right place is definitely a tough task. In this matter, instead of hard work, you have to do smart work. Different places are popular for different things. For example, Paris and Milan are famous worldwide for their fashion industry, which makes them  highly suitable internship places for fashion and design. Similarly, students from the hospitality and tourism industry should try to opt for places that are famous for their exotic resorts and hotels – like Mauritius and United Arab Emirates.
  2. Make a list! Make a list of all the top hotels which provide internships to students. After that, go through their official website and have a look at the procedure and eligibility criteria they follow to recruit their interns. After this, you can easily select your desired hotels and decide whether you are eligible for those or not. Try to keep a close eye on their website, and apply whenever they release their recruitment notice. This list-making and sorting will help you a lot to apply in only those companies that you are interested in.
  3. Prepare an outstanding resume- Your resume is capable enough of saying a lot about you. For joining a good hotel, having a worthy resume is a must, since that will help you stand out in the huge queue of applicants. In every company, the procedure of recruitment starts by looking at the resumes, hence you can say that it is the first impression that you give to the recruiter. Try to demonstrate your skills and qualification in the best possible manner, so that they can find you as a good fit for their hotel. List all your previous works whether it be any kind of volunteer work, course, or previous internships. This will give them a good impression of your versatility. 
  4. Look for summer programs- There are several hotels abroad which welcome students for summer internships. All you gotta do is do some proper research online about the different hotels which offer such programs and enroll yourself. In these types of programs, you not only get to learn a lot, but also get paid a certain amount. These tiny steps will help you land into a big brand in near future.
  5.  Take help- One of the simplest ways by which you can get a paid hotel management internship abroad is by contacting each and every hotel yourself. Or else you can even take help from some agency which expertise in providing internships to students. Their many years of experience will help you get an internship in your desired company.
  6. Prepare for the interview well- Recruiters tend to understand a person’s ability and skills during the interview. Thus, it is important to present the best version of yourself in front of them in this round. Practice well all the things that you will be speaking about in front of the interviewer. Be as perfect as you can be to avoid any mistakes. Work on your basic skills especially English language. English is a universal language and thus everyone is expected to know at least some basic level of it. Try to improve it by practicising it regularly, and don’t allow it to be your drawback.


Just in case you’re facing any trouble in finding yourself a paid hotel management internship abroad, you can certainly take some help. PAX Edutainment, can be your reliable friend which can help you find that perfect internship program that you are looking for. They help students find paid hotel management internship abroad especially in countries like Qatar, Mauritius, and UAE along with facilities of food, lodging, and transportation. They will even provide you with the visa and other important necessities taking care of you while you.  The PAX team have their local offices and Indian team members in Mauritius, India, UAE and Singapore. The procedure to have a talk with them is also very simple. Just reach out to the local PAX team that is present in your country – or fill the query form and they will reach you . They will help you find the most suitable internships abroad, all combined with basic requirements and will also customize everything according to your requirements. 

Lastly, may you successfully find your dream internship. All the best for a wonderful future ahead!

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