TOP Reasons To Live And Intern In Singapore in 2023


Every great businessman has his eyes laid upon this country. It is often referred to as Asia’s business hub. I’m talking about none other than Singapore. In recent years, it has proved its worth by being an active participant in almost every sphere of the business world. It is not only the best place to carry out business ventures but is also a perfect place to reside. It has some of the best places to visit for travelers as well. People tend to fall in love with its modern architecture and surreal beauty. The best thing about this place is that it does welcome modern changes but is still grounded by its roots and culture. It is a great place for interns too, because of the amazing growth opportunities that they will receive here. Many internship opportunities are available in various fields like IT, finance, tourism, technology, etc. There are several other factors as well that make Singapore a perfect place to live and intern in 2023. Some of them have been discussed below. Just have a look!

  1. Quality of living:

The quality of life in Singapore is at par compared to many other developing nations. It has proved to be so in several surveys carried out on an international platform. It is the best, whether in terms of safety or economic growth. All these things sum up making internships in Singapore as one of the best options.

  1. Excellent Infrastructure:

Singapore has one of the most renowned infrastructures. Whether it be in terms of roads or buildings they are always the best. As an intern, you shall never face issues with public transportation or finding good residential areas.

  1. Highly Diversified:

Singapore is famous for its incredible diversity. The great quality of institutions and companies tends to draw a huge number of students, interns, and workers from different corners of the world to take full advantage of them. interns, students, and digital nomads from around the globe every year. This is a major reason behind the unique diversity and is totally evident in the culture, food, and architecture.

  1. The Amazing Food:

Singapore has a wide variety of cuisines because of its great diversity. They do serve their authentic dishes as well. It is the perfect destination for all food lovers. So, as an intern, you will even get to explore different cuisines. You shall never face difficulty to find food that suits your taste palette.

  1. Highly Qualified Individuals:

I’m pretty sure you must have heard that in order to be the best you have to learn from the best. If you are looking for such an experience, an internship in Singapore is the perfect idea for you. The majority of the workforce here is of high quality. This builds up a competitive environment. The internship period is when you actually learn to acquire the best skills, and what is better than getting to learn these skills from highly talented individuals?


Always make sure to do complete research on the city or country you’re moving to for undertaking an internship. This will save you a lot of trouble. Do detailed research about the program as well. Carefully go through all the documents first. 

Just in case you’re confused about how to find a suitable internship program or a suitable place to reside in a foreign land, we can surely help you out. Reach out to our local PAX team that is present in your country. They will help you find the most suitable internship abroad all with other basic requirements like food, lodging, and even transportation. 

Lastly, wish you nothing but only the best. Have an amazing internship experience in Singapore.

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