Internship in Singapore for Undergraduate Students

How about an Internship in Singapore for Undergraduate Student?

An international internship in Singapore as an undergraduate student gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and immense confidence. Your concise knows you’re on the right path and building helpful professional network connections, along with guidance and mentorship.

You will perform meaningful work while doing an internship with a dynamic and diverse team and talented people. Internship Abroad helps you build strong communication and interpersonal skills. The goal is to provide a happy work environment and creative freedom required to bring the best out of student interns.

Are you highly motivated to choose the best Internship in Singapore for yourself? There is an endless number of internships available for undergraduate students. Students with multiple interests can search for the best-suited internship for them. But how to find internships in Singapore? Don’t worry, Team PAX Edutainment works on finding the most suitable internships in the domain of interest of their interns, also works on visas, accommodation, etc.

Internship in Singapore for Undergraduate Student

Types of Internship you can opt for in Singapore as an Undergraduate Students

While there are various types of internships available for an intern to opt for an undergraduate student in Singapore. We have listed some of the most common internships for your reference below:

Field Internship

Internship in Singapore for Undergraduates will open up a whole new world. These internships are mostly fieldwork. It may be on-job training or on-job learning. It helps in any practical project. Field Internship helps students to gain practical knowledge and valuable experience helping them to perform better in their jobs.

Part-time or Full-time Internship

Internships can be of many types. The most common category to divide internship is a part-time and full-time internship. A full-time internship requires more hard work and performance-based, along with 8-9 working hours every day. Whereas, part-time internships are about learning and gaining knowledge of the area of interest while working 4-6 hours a day.

Remote/Virtual Internship

Due to COVID-19, most of the companies and institutions were required to provide WFH (Work from Home). Virtual Internship includes working from anywhere. You need a good internet connection and a laptop. You can work from anywhere you wish to. These types of internships are more feasible ad the company provides leniency in timings. But wondering how could you sitting at home apply for virtual internships in Singapore or Mauritius, we’ve got you covered!

Start-up Internship

Start-up companies are trending for a long time now. Working with a start-up helps you gain in-hand experience. You get to learn more and more while working on the job about various nuances. Start-ups are more into innovation and creativity. This helps interns to explore more of their interests and brainstorm their ideas. Internship in Singapore for Undergraduates is a great opportunity to bolster confidence and kick-start professional career internationally.

Stipend Internship

Some paid Internships maybe not salary based or monthly paid internships. The stipend is an amount paid to interns working for a short-term period. There are a lot of chances that the stipend is possible to increase and might also turn into a full-time internship or job.

Summer or Winter Internship

Internship Abroad includes a season-wise internship. The types of internships include Summer Internship in Singapore and Winter Internship in Singapore. These internships are mostly offered so that studies of students won’t suffer. You get to utilize your holidays without interrupting your academics. Internships Abroad add some value and incentive for students in their Resume.

Semester Internship

Colleges offer internships, but semester Internships are different. Semester Internships are being offered to provide knowledge and valuable experience. These internships offer knowledge to score well in your colleges and dazzle your resume. Students looking for work experience while completing their college can opt for Semester Internship. This way you can be enrolled in college but work 1 semester, preferably 4-6 months on a semester internship.

NGO internship

Students willing to do an internship with a non-profit organization is a great way to start their careers. NGOs offer meaningful internships providing valuable experience in social service. Even if the colleges don’t require internships, students can opt for them to add academic credit and gain relevant social work experience. It adds a meaningful impact on one’s life as well as looks great on a resume!

College Internship

Internships like these are mandatory for some students as many schools/universities require them for graduation. College internships further strengthen their resumes as well. Some internships can serve as a pathway to employment after college. Colleges these days are encouraging students to complete a particular internship in their fields to gain some real-world practical experience. Read a few testimonials of students just like you, who have taken up international internships here!


An on-job training program for the long-term. It is more of a practice or course of particular interest or profession. Apprenticeship is trading your hard work and knowledge in exchange for learning from an expert. Attending an Internship in Singapore for an Undergraduate is an enchanting opportunity to gain real-world experience.


All these internships vary in terms of time commitment and intensity. Students looking for experience and direction towards their career can choose the type of internship they feel suitable according to their interests. If you may want someone

No matter which of these internships you choose, an Internship in Singapore for an undergraduate student will help with all the perks and benefits it has. You can apply your talent and skills to discover your curiosity which will make your job search much easier in the future. Want to know how does an Internship in Singapore looks like? Here’s a student’s internship experience in Singapore while PAX Edutainment had worked on their internship!

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