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Student Testmonials

Aradhya Jindal

Interned in 2019

During my time in Mauritius, I believe PAX gave it all in to make my experience a truly wonderful one. Be it hospitality or the internship itself, the package seemed to tailor made for each one of us. The experience not only taught me how to work in a corporate environment but also helped me realise what I really want to do ahead in my life.

Shivansh Soni

Interned in 2019

I have gained a lot of knowledge about international business, both theoretically and practically. This experience helped me develop my overall personality which made me a more mature person and thus, helped me to gain more confidence that I could solve any problem be it small or big in my life.

Vrinda Kapoor

Interned in 2019

I got to know how the goods are transported to different places or countries, documents required, rules and regulations to be followed, Accounting policies of Mauritius. Apart from experience, I learned many things about myself. Met so many people, learned about their culture, and most importantly Mauritius is a really beautiful and peaceful place, so many things to explore. My experience was amazing, to be honest. I just enjoyed that time period, even if I am working in the office or if it’s the weekend. Being there for a month made me more confident that I can live independently!

Sara Deo

Interned in 2019

From the whole journey of internship, I developed skills on how to become more self dependent and not get bothered about small issues, try to tackle the situation calmly even though initially when I had faced a small problem ,I felt panicky but later on I understood that I can handle the situation with the help of persons who acted as my guardian.They helped me understand the value of being calm even in small issues. I think the most favourite memory I cherish was the part when all of us sat together and ate delicious, healthy food provided by PAX, it was just amazing!

Devika Pillai

Interned in 2019

Charan sir and Ruchi Ma’am were the best mentors and best friends they helped us get through everything! I learned how to manage people outside, exposure, how different the culture is and i learned a lot there!

Anushka Srivastava

Interned in 2019

My colleagues always made sure that I was comfortable and got me homemade food, took me shopping and got me gifts as well. Amongst the blue sea and green grass, I gained more than just a few skills. From my mentors to fellow colleagues, this experience had been a valuable one.

Suryadevara Rathnesh Chowdary

Interned in 2019

During my time in Mauritius, I learned how a company works! Experiencing the culture and tasting varietiesa of food was really fun! Our living arrangements were amazing and the food and the place that we lived in made me feel like I belonged! PAX helped us with everything and were there for us 24/7.

Sreenivas Patil

Interned in 2017

I can say that now I have enough courage to stand in front of people and speak n no. Of things and I can appreciate myself for helping my team and it went very well as it was my first experience in that field I was helping my team. I would literally say the experience was really unforgettable and if I get a chance to go anywhere with PAX again I won't even think twice

Shaik Yezdani Rizwan

Interned in 2019

Apart from the corporate experience, I also learned that lifestyle has a huge impact on the business these days and also adapted how to live on your own kind of lifestyle. Pax has lived up to their tag line of education and entertainment and also they provided us the best possible service which one can expect when you are abroad. There were many things to take away from the internship and also many memories. In a nutshell, it was one hell of an experience in a Paradise.

J Kavya Sri

Interned in 2019

To stay in a place Accommodation, food, travelling support is enough which is provided by them but in extra, journey with Pax is most memorable because apart from the basic facilities their SUPPORT was there from beginning to end. Day and night at any time they would come to us whenever we need their support.

Akshay Kumar

Interned in 2019

I have learned many things during my internship in abroad: exposure to many different types of people will not only help you to develop your people skills, but it will also give you a more in-depth knowledge of others, particularly those from different cultures as well and I have learned how to spend money or invest money in abroad whether it maybe purchasing in groceries etc and moreover with this international experience I was able to build my confidence on how to study and work abroad.

Guli Akshay Kumar

Interned in 2019

This internship has given me a broader perspective of how a corporate works. My company ranks in the top 10 companies on this island. I learned how to be independent and intern life can be tough, but not with PAX. Because of PAX, I enjoyed it a lot there. Charan sir used to take care of us and he was always there for us whenever we needed him and it felt like I was home.

Mahima Bedi

Interned in 2018

Interning in Mauritius will always be a very important chapter of my life. This one month was a true balance of professional as well as personal growth. Things that I read in books back in college, I actually applied it in the real world. I was given a chance to directly interact with the clients, which taught me key elements of communication and negotiation. As an intern I never thought I would be trusted with so much responsibility. My leaders were so supportive throughout and I learnt so much from them in terms of marketing as well as about the corporate life.

Yashasvi Katyayan

Interned in 2019

Pax made me feel at home in a country that was almost completely alien to me and I loved my time there. My favourite memory is perhaps the barbecue night organised by PAX. The mouth-watering food, the beautiful setting at the best beach of Mauritius, it was amazing.

Aditya Bhaskar

Interned in 2019

I've learnt that it's very easy to immerse oneself in a new and different culture and instantly be a part of it and become one with it like you've been there forever. All it takes is being open minded and open to new experiences. I've learnt to cross each and every bridge when it comes, rather than to anticipate and count the bridges and how I'll be crossing them.

Vibhor Bansal

Interned in 2019

I think my biggest learning was how to adapt to the working lifestyle of a different country in a positive way and build confidence in yourself which I think i have achieved now!

Purvai Parma Shivam

Interned in 2019

PAX is everything, a home away from home! They give you a homely feel to such extents that you start missing your PAX fam once back home. During my time in Mauritius, I gained a few things more than just work experience and skills. Naming some would be to have a sense of responsibility since you are miles away from home, confidence and exposure to new things in life!

Gayatri Rangarajan

Interned in 2020

I was enlightened both professionally as well as personally in terms of knowledge enhancement. I got to experience the culture, life and ability to handle situations during my internships at Mauritius and Singapore.

Haji Turk

Interned in 2019

The biggest learning from my experience was the actual work of import-export and how practically it works. I learned the theory from books in college but how to apply those theories in real life abroad was a great-great experience.