Self Improvement Tips That Will Change Your Life

Self Improvement Tips That Will Change Your Life

Self-improvement is the practice of improving yourself in different ways. This can include job skills, personality traits, daily habits, lifestyle choices, and many other topics. No matter what you’re doing, you can always find areas to better yourself for self improvement and change your life by taking small steps each day. 

Self-improvement skills help you develop the right mindset to live your life in a productive and healthy manner. This can include things like time-management between work and university/family, positive thinking, meditation, etc. If you’re always aware of what you’re doing and your own mental state, you’ll find that you improve in both the professional and personal aspects of your life. Here are some easy self-improvement tips that you can practice every day to get in the right mindset and prepare yourself for your tasks and jobs.


Choosing Specific Goals for Self Improvement

Self Improvement Tips

Before you start any big endeavour, you should set goals. What do you want from the experience? What are some things you’re hoping to achieve? Why did you decide to take part in the activity in the first place? Mapping out your goals in a clear, direct way will help you make decisions that complete them easily and feel satisfied that you accomplished what you wanted to. 


Good goals are specific, relevant, and measurable. Instead of saying “I want to be less shy”, try saying “I will try at least five public speaking opportunities to beat stage fright and carry them out with confidence”. Or, if you want to improve a physical skill, instead of saying “I want to be fit”, try “I will exercise for at least 30 minutes every day”. If your goals are clear and measurable, they’ll be a lot easier to complete. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to track your progress from day-to-day.


Taking Baby Steps

Be realistic about what you can accomplish. Nobody can go from no exercise to running a marathon in one week. If your goals are too unrealistic, they’ll only discourage you. You won’t want to try new things again if you keep failing at overly challenging tasks. That’s why it’s important to split up your bigger goals into baby steps so you can track progress and feel accomplished about your self-improvement journey.


Instead, try setting long-term goals with different checkpoints. If you want to run a marathon, try running a little bit more every week until you get to your goal. Similarly, if you’re trying to write a story, write a few hundred words every day. Or if you are applying for internships in 2021, write cover letters pertaining to the roles specifically. If you want to get better grades in Math, solve a few problem worksheets every day. Keep track of your goals and how much work you’re putting in at regular intervals, and you’ll soon start to see results. 


Making Good Lifestyle Choices

The four basic human needs: food, water, exercise, and sleep. Without these, no matter how hard you try, you can’t improve yourself. To see good results, you first need to build a good foundation. Include some basic rules for yourself regarding the four needs before you start working on your main goals. 


Make sure you’re sticking to food that’s healthy and nutritious for most meals. It’s okay to have a snack every once in a while but keep up with dietary requirements. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and proteins will give you energy and keep you motivated to work throughout the day. Drink enough water by counting how many bottles you’re drinking every day. Aim for at least 1 litre every day, if not more. In terms of sleep, getting 7-8 hours every night is important. If you undersleep or oversleep, you’ll feel drowsy all day and won’t get much done. Finally, exercise is also important. Whether it’s a simple walk in the park or a full two-hour workout, stick to a regular schedule and keep yourself healthy and fit.


Even if you don’t reach your goal every day, it’s important to keep trying and pushing yourself to improve your habits. 


Staying Determined

A lot of times, self-improvement takes a long time to be noticeable. You might feel like you’ve been working on your goals for weeks but nothing has happened. But remember, even if progress is slow, it’s always worth it in the end! Don’t give up on your goals too easily. If you think your goals are too difficult or impossible, you can always modify them. That way, the final result will stay the same, but your journey to getting there can be a lot easier. 


Self-improvement is about lifestyle choices and progress but most importantly it’s about determination. Trying to reach long-term goals is difficult to work because it requires weeks, and sometimes even months, of constant effort. But if you push through your doubt and keep trying, you’ll start seeing positive improvement and growth in your personal and professional life.




Self-improvement can be a great tool if developed properly. It’ll help you feel more confident, productive, and aware of yourself and the world around you. I hope you find these tips helpful as a good starting point to get into self-improvement. There are many more resources out there for knowing how to start, so make sure you do your research and find the methods that best suit you. 

– A blog by Nayana from Team PAX

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