5 ways on how to write a unique cover letter

Applying for a job or an internship can feel overwhelming. Before you meet, though, your resume and your cover letter are your first image for the employer. You are a stranger to them and this is their first step of getting to know you and if you will fit well with their company. This is what you should take advantage of and make your first win. We are here to show you how! How to write a unique cover letter

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1: Look them up 

How to write a unique cover letter

If you’re writing a letter to someone, it’s good to know a little about them as well. You should always look up the company’s website, their social media accounts and especially focus on the job description that they put out for you. This is your map and it will help you reach your goal. You will automatically be able to write better if you know who you are writing to and what they want. That way, you can highlight your relevant skills in the letter and let your CV compliment that. 

2: Familiarize with the format 

Yes, there is a specific format in which a cover letter should be written. This can’t be an informal conversation. You have to sound professional and enhance what you’re good at. You don’t have to mention all your experiences, skills, and achievements, that’s what the CV is for. Here, you talk specifically about yourself. Mention the skills and experience that you think is your biggest plus point at getting this job. Let your employer know what your biggest strengths are so that the first picture they paint of you is a really good one.

3: Show Enthusiasm 

A company is looking for someone who will add to its workforce and efficiency. They want you to care about the job as much as they care about it. Let them know that you are passionate about what you do and how excited you are about this opportunity. They will value your authentic enthusiasm as this trait shows that you will be a highly motivated and successful professional. Don’t forget to mention how you are a great fit for their brand! 

4: Lead with the best 

How to write a unique cover letter

As we mentioned, you don’t have to write about everything you stand for. The employer is going to receive 100 more of these letters so you want to make their job easier. That is how they will remember you. So, lead with your top achievements that complement what the company is asking of you in their job description. Don’t be afraid to compliment yourself, if you are a hard worker then own it! An employer will see you just the way you see yourself as you are writing this letter. So, know your worth and show it. This won’t only get you the job but also land you an amazing offer.

5: Show the two Rs 

You need to let them know that you’re it for them. Show them that you Researched and that you’re ready. Mention something you read online about their brand and how you can take it to the next level. Knowing that you have a game plan before even interviewing is an amazing first impression. The company will know that you are applying for this job fully aware of what is being asked of you and not just for the pay. While you end your letter, sound confident and say that you can’t wait to hear back from them. Sound ready. And even be ready. You’ve done your research, you know what they want, you know that you have it and now it’s showtime! 

Your cover letter will be your first impression on paper and you should make sure that it counts. It will be the base of your interview and steer its direction. If you want tips on how to ace that interview then we got you! 


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