Perks of Working From Home

Perks of Working From Home

2020 saw a lot of changes in people’s everyday lives. Events were postponed, holidays were cancelled, and most importantly, the job market was completely changed. For more people, this meant longer shifts and orders to work from home. Adapting to this new change can be really difficult especially working from home. After all, working from home means learning how to do everything online, from meetings to presentations and everyday tasks. However, there are also some great benefits to remote jobs. Let’s go over some of the perks of working from home that you can enjoy if you still aren’t allowed back in the office. 


Flexible Environment of working from home

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When you’re working from home, there’s no need to create a physical office space. Finding a monitor, a desk, and a computer can be difficult for some people, especially if your house is smaller. Instead, you can work from wherever you want to. Try sitting in the living room one day, or in your balcony on another. You can work from the dining table, your bedroom, or even from a rug on your floor. Switching it up every few days is a good way to change your environment a little bit even when you can’t leave your home. Working in the same space that you live in can be difficult, so find ways that will help you stay engaged and not get distracted. 


No more uniforms and formal wear are also two good perks of working from home. Usually, you have to keep your job wardrobe separate from your relaxing clothes. When working from home though, you can attend meetings in sweatpants and nobody would know better! If it’s a video call, you may have to try a button-up shirt every once in a while. But you can still wear shorts, pajamas, and other comfortable clothing for everyday work. 

Working with Snacks

Sure, your company probably offers you a designated lunch hour. But what if you’re feeling hungry outside of that? In a physical office, many times eating or drinking is frowned upon while you’re on a shift. For people who work in retail and customer service, it’s nearly impossible to grab a snack while working. However, now that you’re working from home, you have no such restrictions. Outside of meetings, you can grab any snacks you want. Did you ever think you could create spreadsheets for your job while eating popcorn and drinking soda? Work from home makes all of this a possibility, and more. Just make sure that the snacks don’t distract you from your work!


No More Commuting

Commuting from work can be a pain. If you live far away from your office, it means waking up several hours early just to get ready and get to your work location. Traffic, weather, and road accidents happen all too frequently and can cause massive delays in getting to the office and back home on a daily basis. However, now that you’re working from home, you no longer have to think about commuting. You can wake up an hour before your meetings, grab some breakfast, get ready, and log on to your laptop!


No more commuting also saves a lot of travel costs. Even with public transit, people have to spend hundreds of dollars on commuting throughout the year. Working from home removes those costs and helps you budget your money better. You also don’t have to spend money on cafeteria or office lunches as you’ll be cooking from home. So overall, working from home is also a good way of saving money!


Learning Independent Working Skills

This one can be a bit tricky at first. Being productive with nobody to hold you accountable is difficult, especially when working from home. It’s tempting to just spend time on Netflix or social media. However, this is a big waste of office hours and doesn’t teach you anything. Instead, try and find ways to manage your time, stay on task, and avoid distractions. Working from home is a good way to practice independence and self-accountability skills. You should be able to get tasks done with nobody looking over your shoulder to measure your progress. Overall, this will also make you a better employee for the future. Some useful tips to work independently is to use self-control apps to limit social media and create an hourly schedule to keep yourself on task. 


At first, it may be difficult to adapt to all the changes from working from home. Setting up groups, zoom calls, and schedules are hectic, especially with bigger teams. However, make sure you keep the positives in mind. Instead of focusing on all the trouble, keep yourself optimistic. Working from home has many small and big perks that can make it a fun, comfortable environment for you to work in while still learning new things and being productive! 

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