Your go-to checklist while travelling abroad

Interning abroad is very different from travelling abroad. You’re there for 30 days or more. You aren’t travelling with your family. You’re not staying at a hotel and you have to look after yourself. Interning abroad isn’t just about an amazing experience and a good addition to your CV. It’s about learning how to be on your own. Like a trial of how to be an adult. Only here you can’t cancel your subscription and opt-out (we wish!). Here is a checklist while travelling abroad.  What you should carry with you while interning abroad! 

Checklist while travelling abroad – Things to carry with you before you fly from home:

  1. Water bottle 
  2. Comfortable walking shoes 
  3. One piece of warm clothing even if it isn’t cold
  4. Your laptop 
  5. All required charging wires 
  6. A notebook 
  7. Some essential stationery 
  8. A work bag 
  9. Formal clothing (4-5 pairs at least)
  10. Sponsorship Letter
  11. A power bank 
  12. Earphones 
  13. Cushion money to be safe 
  14. Credit / Debit card 
  15. Your toiletries 
  16. A hairbrush 
  17. Makeup (if you need any) 
  18. A wallet 
  19. A small lock for your bag to keep your belongings and passport safe 
  20. Sunscreen (very important) 
  21. A small medicine bag / first-aid kit
  22. An umbrella/raincoat 
  23. An international SIM card / get one when after you land 
  24. Extra passport size pictures
  25. Universal adapter
  26. Tea leaves of your preference (if you are a tea addict)
  27. Carry some snacks from home to keep the flavors of your homeland alive in a foreign state

Things to carry with you to the office:

  1. Your work bag 
  2. Mobile
  3. Your laptop 
  4. Earphones 
  5. All chargers 
  6. Universal adapter
  7. A notebook 
  8. Stationary 
  9. Water bottle and a small tiffin like plastic box
  10. Small snacks like assorted nuts or a fruit 
  11. Take lunch from home or you can go out during lunch 
  12. Umbrella/raincoat (you never know when it rains)
  13. Your wallet 
  14. Metro / any other travel card


With this checklist in your hand, you have nothing stopping you from being fully prepared for your workdays! 

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