How To Apply For An Internship In Singapore

We’ve got you covered with how you can apply for an Internship in Singapore!

An internship is an excellent opportunity that puts you on the right career path. When it comes to starting your career, an internship abroad will help you in building the professional skills needed to enter a particular career field. An internship in Singapore will help you to build your qualifications and world-class experience. You can apply for an internship in Singapore with PAX Edutainment. PAX Edutainment team is constantly providing learning and development experiences for students across the world. We at PAX ensure you get an internship experience in the field of your interest; your job description and goals are met to your expectations. To carry out an internship in Singapore, you must have an attractive, confident, and enthusiastic personality.

Applying for Internship in Singapore

Applying for an internship can seem like a tough task, but if you are prepared, it’s easy to get through it. If you are applying for an internship abroad, apply early. At least six months in advance of the internship will let you have time to prepare for other things as well. It will help you to develop your skillset and properly preparing for your interview. Take time to craft a professional and impressive application that seems personal and intuitive. If you are applying for an internship in Singapore with the help of team PAX Edutainment, apply 3 months in advance.

Where and how to apply –

Internship applications can be of many types. Some companies have application forms, and some may ask you to mail your details with your resume and portfolio. Check your application at least 2-3 times. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can create a bad impression and can lead to the cancellation of your application. Keep your options open and apply for several internships. When applying for an internship with PAX Edutainment, fill the application form, and leave it all on them to find an internship in your field of interest.

Effective Application for Internship in Singapore –

Most companies specify the skills, knowledge, and relevant experience they require. You must showcase all your skills and achievements in your resume and application. Moreover, a cover letter emphasizing why you are the perfect fit for the internship. The first impression can be made with a professional Resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Having a strong resume with a professional and attractive cover letter is an important step to a successful career. Mention all your relevant skills and experience in your resume will get you one step closer to an awesome internship. Team PAX takes the details from the candidate and makes a tailor-made resume for you.

Use the filters on the search page –

When applying by yourself apply for an internship you are interested in. Use the filters on the search pages of the companies to be more precise and focused. Find the opportunities that fit your background. Companies advertise internship programs and opportunities on their websites, interested students can apply directly from there, or they can mail on the company’s email. You can also apply with PAX Edutainment, and we take care of your interests and the roles you are looking to take up. Finding an internship in your interest levels, matching your CV with the right opportunity, is what we at PAX do the best!

Keep a track of your application

Some companies may reply to you as soon as you applied, but some companies take time to revert. Be patient and ask for an update if you don’t get any. Companies want international talent and if you are active enough you can get a chance to impress the interviewer with your skills and efficiency. You can create a spreadsheet with a list of the internships you have applied for better organization and better internship search. When applying with PAX Edutainment for an internship in Singapore, after you enroll, you just have to sit back. Team PAX gives you a confirmation letter within 4-6 weeks of your enrolling.

Be Clear and Focused

When it comes to landing an internship, you should find your interest and be sure of your goals. Figuring out the kind of internship, the area, and the department you want to work for. Being clear and focused on your career goals will lead to a happy and successful internship ahead. Team PAX helps you evaluate and get an understanding with our questionnaires of the kind of roles you may be interested in.


One of the most rapidly growing and globalized cities, an internship in Singapore will give you a lifetime experience to stand out from the crowd. The standard of living available in Singapore is extremely high with diversified culture and endless working opportunities. More than thousands of companies offer internship opportunities in various sectors like marketing, business, advertising, engineering, PR, finance, and more.

You can choose from the most exciting industries as per your interest and career path. Singapore can be an ideal destination for Internships in Asia. You will gain exposure, build valuable work experience, develop your skills and knowledge, and get a chance to socialize with important industry experts.

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