Why is London the best option for Internship in UK

The major advantage of choosing London as your dream destination for internship is, it has internships in all industries. UK is an amazing destination for students to expand their horizons with amazing international opportunities. International experience will broaden your view of the world. Indeed, you’ll gain a better sense of where you stand. PAX Edutainment, helps you find the best internship in London UK to shape your career.

Internships in London will allow you to steep yourself in British culture and experience all it has to offer. Moreover, by pursuing an internship in UK, you will step out of this comfort zone and will immerse yourself completely. Currently, London is one of the most popular location for internships abroad. Early applications are encouraged and welcomed first.

Reasons to choose Internship in London UK

From so many years students and professionals have made their dream career by opting for internship in UK. UK as a global center of all the major industries, whether it is fashion, media, business, finance, PR or more, London has it all. London has some of the best internship opportunities in the world. Thus, Internships with companies having strong reputation can get a better job offer and future career opportunities.

  • London has amazing companies that provide internship opportunities in nearly every career field.
  • London is one such destination with amazing work environment, and you will get the variety of internship programs.
  • You will meet new people and make connections that will help you in future jobs.
  • While London has some huge market, towers, and buildings, it is also a prime destination for businesses from around the world.
  • It is also a Global Business Hub for businesses of all kinds.
  • London is a great place to intern abroad. You will enter a new world filled with new experiences.
  • London is the largest city in Europe and is one of the most influential cities.
  • Diverse culture, climates, new environment is what makes London a unique place to intern with totally new experience.
  • Finance is London’s number one industry compared to all others.
  • You will gain a unique understanding of global business operations.
  • In many places in Europe weather is such a delight.
  • You will less likely see Sunlight or get a sunburn as the weather is mostly pleasant.

Experience of internship in London UK

Diversity of Internships

London offers numerous internship opportunity in almost every field. You will learn and gain lifetime experiences interning in UK. Business, Finance, PR, Medical, Arts, Technology, Law and more. It will provide you and invaluable lifetime experience and useful connections that will help you in the future. Accordingly, it will increase your skills and knowledge and improve your understanding of a particular industry.


London is cost-effective in almost everything. Lifestyle, travelling, food, accommodation is very affordable and will not bother you while spending the right amount. Cost of living varies from location to location. Besides, most of the locations are affordable and are cost-effective. You can easily manage your expenses and finance while interning in UK. Internship packages are also not very high and are manageable by an average student.

Amazing cuisine

There are many chances that you will definitely expand your cultural horizons and taste buds during an internship in London UK. You will surely enjoy authentic cuisines from all over the globe. Because of the diverse culture you will find some of the best chefs and cuisine from the world. Europe will never disappoint you in case of food.

Ease Travelling

London has a good connectivity with all the cities and country across the globe. Even if you are new in London, you will not face difficulty while travelling and commuting. Furthermore, London has affordable public transport and commuting options. Public transports like buses and tubes are also affordable. Hence, you can save a lot on travel time and even on expenses too.


With Global Experiences, you will gain valuable experience and can explore a wide range of job opportunities. You will gain a life-changing experience and can know your strengths and career goals. Traveling abroad gives you the opportunity to experience foreign business and meet people that have similar interests as you. Internships are full-time, part-time and contractual basis. These are specially designed for students combining meaningful and exciting experiences.

An internship opportunity in UK will prepare yourself for a career in the field and edge up on the competition. Begin your professional career with PAX. Get a chance to do an internship in London UK and gain a foreign experience!

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