Trending Fields Of Internship in Singapore for 2021!

Internship in Singapore for 2021

Singapore, known as The Lion City, is one of the world’s most globalized cities. It is an extraordinary country that has a mixture of nationalities. Moreover, it is also considered one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world. Singapore has an array of cultures and one of the most rapidly growing and exciting economies.

The city is an ideal destination for student internships in Asia. It has developed on a fast scale making it the financial and high-tech hub that it is today. The lifestyle in Singapore for an intern can be very appealing. You have the opportunity to work in a first-class city while enjoying the luxuries of staying in a country and exploring all the incredible features that the city offers. Besides, Interns/Students in Singapore can expect to get a head start on their career and professional growth. You can also get an opportunity to work in a diverse and colorful community.

English is the main language in Singapore and is used in most formal work. Wondering how you can find an Internship in Singapore being a foreigner?

With PAX Edutainment you can find the best suitable internship for you with the diverse industry and culture in Singapore.

There are plenty of options to choose from while you opt for an Internship in Singapore across various industries with PAX Edutainment and otherwise:

Advertising and Marketing Internships in Singapore

Internship in marketing & Advertising could be an excellent option for freshly graduated young professionals in Asia. You can stand out compared to other applicants with an international marketing internship in Singapore. This sector is growing on a fast scale and can help you to grow your professional network immensely.

Public Relation Internships in Singapore

Interning as a PR professional gives you access to a huge range of skills. It will benefit your entire life whether you’re going to apply for work on the corporate or agency side. Knowledge of PR strategy, market analysis, media audits, media relations, crisis management, and event coordination, etc will help you in the future with your life and career.

IT and Technology Internships in Singapore

The growing influx of tech firms and other virtual collaboration tools has led Singapore as one of the world-class technology hubs in Asia. An internship in IT will surely give you the chance to develop professional skills and gain exposure in the Industry.

Banking and Finance Internships in Singapore

Singapore is a good option suited for finance internships. Singapore is a fast-paced economy having a lot of international banks, wealth management firms, and other financial institutions. Banking Sector is continuing to grow as an excellent work source for many people.

Fashion Internships in Singapore

For fashion apparel, Singapore has emerged as a primary business hub. Singapore is up-to-date on the current styles and upcoming trends. Singapore can also be considered as one of the biggest upcoming retail markets for luxury brands. Interning in Singapore with a focus on Fashion will help you gain exposure to fashion shows and events. This will help you to grab the opportunity to socialize with important industry experts.

Tourism Internship in Singapore

The tourism industry holds a huge part of Singapore’s economy. It is a great opportunity for the ones who are looking forward to work in the tourism and service sector. The government focus on developing the country and has a vision of building it as a must-see destination. After finishing with the internship there are good exciting and unique job options in Singapore in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Media Internship in Singapore

Singapore is a “global media city,”. An industry like Media in Singapore has been rapidly growing with great opportunities for internship and career growth. Singapore would be an excellent international opportunity for you to start your career in Media and communication. 

Human Resource Internship in Singapore

Human Resource is no doubt one of the most in-demand fields. Every company needs an HR for its vital functioning. Interning  Abroad will give you the experience to develop your skills in recruitment and management altogether. 

Law Internship in Singapore

Law is a highly competitive and diverse field. You will practice your skills and learn more about legal research, overseas laws, recruitment laws, and case management. You can also learn about the different aspects and working patterns of any new companies throughout your international internship experience.

Benefits of Internship with PAX in Singapore: 

PAX manages your end to end requirement, giving you work experience in the field you are interested to work in, PAX takes care of your food, accommodation, being on the ground in Singapore, despite you being a foreigner, you will feel comfortable at all point in time due to they being right there to assist you and support you with your internship in Singapore.

Internship Abroad will help you to gain knowledge and insights into foreign markets and the industry of your field.

  • An experience with international knowledge and skills.
  • A chance to interact and build relations with professionals from different parts of the world.
  • Improves and enhances your understanding of the industry and international working pattern. 
  • Increases your market value as it adds great value to a resume.
  • It increases the chances of offers to work in another country.

When, Where, and How to Find the best internship for you? 

While it is also easy to find internships on your own, but taking the help of internship placement programs like PAX Edutainment’s Internship in Singapore will work wonders for you. They have strong links and connections with companies that will help you get the desired internship. These are trustworthy and offer the best-suited internship for you with secured certifications. There are plenty of institutions and companies offering internships year-round. PAX one of the renowned internships provided can help you with the perfect solution for Internships in Singapore.


1. Will it be a paid internship?

Ans – Paid or unpaid internship depends on the kind of internship and the industry you are choosing and also on your experience. However, you can be assured that we will try our best to negotiate on your behalf to ensure to provide the best benefits possible.

2. In which fields do you provide internships?

Ans- PAX provides all kinds of internship programs representing all major industries. As such, we also have the facility of arranging your ideal internship according to your choice of the domain you would like to take up an internship in.

3. What are the requirements to join the internship program?

Ans – The basic criteria are described as follows:

    • Good command in English.
    • Open-mindedness and motivation
    • All the necessary Documents 
    • Age being 18 or above 

In case you are under 18, PAX Edutainment does offer community experiences to students under the age of 16 which are available on the International Creativity Activity Services (CAS) Program.

4. Are there any scholarships available?

Ans – While the benefits of an international internship are endless, eventually some students might need some support. PAX will help you to provide anything that is the best possible to facilitate your interest.

 Moreover, to find out about scholarships and more feel free to send an email and a representative should assist you accordingly at

5. Why chooses PAX?

Ans – PAX is working hard to connect candidates/students and corporate entities through a purposeful internship. It is listed as one of the best Singapore internship providers for a reason. Focusing on providing the best internship for your interest.   

With PAX, an Internship in Singapore will surely give a tremendous impact and impressive look to your CV. It will benefit you while applying to companies in the future making you much more diverse than other candidates. An internship in Singapore will increase your skills and knowledge in your desired industry. Moreover, this will help you to enhance your global professional network. Internship Abroad gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and helps to increase your worth Worldwide.

Did you know, besides Singapore, PAX also provides Internships in Mauritius, Internships in the UK, Internships in Goa, India, and you can also take up a Global Virtual Internship experience without taking a flight

Visit their website to know about their program offerings to make the best selection for your upcoming international experience!

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