Looking for a professional Internship? How about Internship with vacation?

With all the hard work required during the internships, everybody needs to relax and explore. An internship in Goa would be a fun learning opportunity for you. We at PAX, carefully identify your interests and requirements and help you match the best internship which matches your study background and your interests in life.
We help individuals land a suitable internship meeting desired profiles and expectations. One can explore other internship opportunities at PAX in different and varied fields.

Internship in Goa – You heard it right! 

Doesnt this fascinate you?  Goa, a place where you are surrounded by beaches and gregarious fun-loving people. 

Goa is still a dream destination for most of the people in India. However, people from other countries visit goa more than any other city in India. Goa fascinates tourist and other people to stay and enjoy the environment and culture. The vibes and the vast culture of Goa are what makes it remarkable. Its worth visiting at least once. Goa is filled with youth. Most college students and job people love to visit Goa for the weekend or a vacation gateway. 

Being a visitor to Goa, you will experience the natural beauty and vibrant culture, and fascinating architecture. While enhancing your career and other professional skills during an internship in Goa you can as well enjoy that period of time.

Beauty of Goa 

Tourism is one of the major pillars of Goa, it also offers career opportunities to students and freshers. Although a small city, tourism serves as the primary source of revenue. The major sectors of industries are tourism, hospitality, trade, and commerce bringing significant revenue for the state. The development and growth rate of Goa is reasonably good as compared to other tourist cities in India.  Development of resorts, hotels, and communication technologies are on hike. 

Local builders are investing mostly in well-developed infrastructure and making more hotels, resorts, and more. The vast cosmopolitan culture and pleasant environment make Goa an ideal destination to reside in.  People interested in settling down and working there can plan accordingly and get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in a place like Goa. However, apart from being a tourist destination, an Internship in Goa would be a fun learning session for anyone as Goa has many upcoming startups, well-established companies, and a lot of companies that have migrated their headquarters or city offices to Goa. You can enjoy it while learning or working.

PAX in Goa – Intern, Explore, Grow 

An internship with PAX in Goa will help you to enhance your cultural intelligence, self-awareness, and global understanding. This will help you to get a good placement in the field of your choice. 

Alongside your internship, growth of professional and cultural contexts is also a plus point and you get to learn from other interns’ experiences too. Throughout your journey, we’ll be here to support you during the entire internship in the Goa process that will help you succeed in your future career.  

Our internships are career-making experiences that will boost your resume with people and travel skills. We ensure our interns develop their professional sense and after interning with PAX in Goa, leaving them with remarkable moments to talk about for years to come.

What can you expect from the Glocal Corporate Internship Program in Goa?

  • Lots and lots of rewarding and fulfilling work
  • Healthy work and life balance
  • Positive environment and friendly work people 
  • Channelized talent and efforts will be appreciated and valued 
  • Various fun and learning activities during the internship
  • Direct interaction will the work people and the clients
  • New opportunities for future job
  • Memorable team events, fun, laughter, and fruitful experience 
  • Travel to the unseen and undicovered magnificent places

There are endless benefits of an internship. By interning with our Glocal Corporate Internship Program in Goa, you can build the essential soft skills and resilience favored by employers. You can gain glocal work experience working for a short period in a company related to your field. You can boost your professional career and push your boundaries to new levels.  

Our goal is to make your dream career become a reality. Youll gain a deep cultural intelligence and international insight into your field you are interested in. You can enhance your skills and uncovers your competencies to reach your highest potential. 

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