This Is How You Search For The Right Kind Of Internship In Indonesia?

Internship in Indonesia – A Tropical Experience

Indonesia is one of the most unique places in the world. It has diverse environments and tropical climates, different cultures, and endless beautiful destinations. Internship in Indonesia allows acquiring international working experience with a highly valued resume. Choosing an Internship in Indonesia with PAX to acquire international work experience will help accelerate your professional career. Moreover, numerous doors will open for you once you complete your international internship.

You will be able to create your own memorable experience in Indonesia. Indonesia provides great opportunities to develop yourself professionally. The aim is to provide you with extensive learning opportunities while truly living life through exotic and fruitful experiences.

Pursuing an internship in Indonesia will give you an experience of a cocktail of cultures with a taste of big cities like Ubud, Canggu, Kuta life, and exotic beaches. While engaging in professional internship activities, you will earn some great experience in a tropical paradise with natural and cultural beauty.

Internship in Indonesia

Perks of an Internship in Indonesia

Diverse Culture of Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical island. It will be more of work with a view internship for you. Stunning beaches, hundreds of islands, waterfalls, and more – you will get all these in Bali, Indonesia. A variety of people reside and visit Bali on a regular basis.

Real-life experiences & exposure

Interning abroad allows you to experience real-life situations and explore more and more of the field and your area of work. Internship in Indonesia with Team PAX aims to provide you a wonderful experience clubbing working with international and diverse teams. Also ensuring you get to use your off days productively exploring the island

Adventures during Internship

You can get endless adventure places, islands, and other water sports in Bali. During your free time, you can take advantage of everything the island offers. Connecting with nature, scuba diving, jet-skiing, water skiing, sea walking, rafting, and many more fun activities you can experience during your internship programs in Indonesia. We aim to create your own incredible experience.

Develop your professional Network

With a vast economy and population in Bali and Indonesia, you can build a professional Network and make friendly relations with people. Since the people of Bali are considered as one of the friendliest people, this gives you the benefit to build good relations and make it a memorable experience.

Opportunity for a full-time Position

Exciting new opportunities are waiting for you to step ahead of the crowd and get your dream job. An internship in Indonesia with PAX gives you an option to grab the opportunity for a future job there itself. You can always keep looking at full-time job opportunities while interning and can shape your career in a new direction.

Internship Experience in Indonesia

To explore your interests there are diverse options to find the right opportunity for your career growth. From hospitality internship or hotel management internship in Indonesia to the business industry, you can get countless internship programs. PAX offers internships in almost all the different fields. The major industries to pursue your internship in Indonesia are Hospitality & Tourism, Marketing, Finance, Journalism, Photography, and more.

Indonesia is an ideal destination where students and young professionals can experience diverse attractions and the friendliness of locals. This will certainly give you a great advantage. Since you will be learning about new unique cultures, new experiences, make your professional network. It will also be a wonderful opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge.

Best Industries for internship in Indonesia

  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Business
  • Photography
  • Journalism and more

Final Note

If you wish to enrich yourself don’t miss any internship opportunity abroad. You are going to experience a completely different lifestyle. Indonesia can be a dream destination for you to live in. PAX specializes in arranging internships that fit your interests. We handle all the other arrangements too. Moreover, we help with visas, flights, transport, and accommodation. As one of the world’s major booming and upcoming places, going to Bali to do an internship will develop your skills and careers.

Our internship programs are open all year round. International internships can help you on the path to success in your professional career. We connect people, experiences, and cultures and allow work in this incredible country. By providing meaningful internship service in Indonesia, we aim to give you a unique and valuable experience.

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