4 Tips For First Time Writers

Best Tips For First Time Writers

Writing is an important skill that can help you in personal and professional life. It will improve your essay, report, and presentation writing skills. In my personal life, it’s also a fun hobby to write reviews, poems, or stories. Some people even use writing as a type of relaxation by filling out journals and diaries. But even though there are so many types of writing, it’s difficult to know how to start your writing journey. Picking a topic, writing effectively, and knowing where to share your work is confusing if you’re writing for the first time. Here are four helpful tips you can learn to improve your writing techniques and enjoy the creative writing process. Best Tips For First Time Writers

1. Pick a good topic.

Tips For First Time Writers

The hardest thing to do when writing is picking a topic. Most people get to this first step and give up already when they can’t find a suitable prompt. But before you pick a topic, it’s important to pick a genre. What kind of writing are you interested in? It can be anything, like news articles, lists, TV show reviews, essays, or poetry. Once you know what kind of writing you like, it’ll be a lot easier to find a good prompt. 


For non-fiction writing like news or essays, you can find prompts just by browsing daily news. If there are any major world events or political debates happening, you can try writing an opinion piece about them. You can also browse online newspapers and journals to get inspiration for topics and put your own spin on existing topics. For fiction writing, it can be more difficult to find prompts. There are lots of good resources online that have weekly or monthly writing prompts based on themes. Magazines, journals, and other writers’ blogs are all full of ideas for budding writers. 

Even though it can be a bit tricky to find the perfect fit, it’s best to pick one that seems interesting and get started. Remember, you can always change the prompt once you start developing ideas about your writing!


2. Don’t judge your writing until it’s finished.

Tips For First Time Writers

When you’re writing something, your own brain can become your worst enemy. Your writing might seem childish, or overdone, or cringe-worthy. But don’t let that discourage you! Even world-famous authors like Stephen King and J.K. Rowling face the same problem. No matter how good you are at writing, you will always hate the work that you start with. Instead of giving up or deleting your work, push through it. Try to finish the piece you’re writing, no matter what. You can always go back and edit the story until you’re satisfied with it. 


One helpful tip when trying to finish writing is to cover up your screen with a piece of paper and just start typing. This is called a “blind free-write”, and it’s a good way of getting all your thoughts out on paper. That way you can’t stop writing to nitpick, and you have all the material you need before you start editing.


3. Knowing where to publish your writing.

Are you interested in posting your work online? Maybe you want to send writing to a magazine for official publishing or start an online blog. If you want to keep your writing private, that’s totally fine, but sharing work online is a good way of getting criticism and improving your writing skills. If you’re too nervous to submit writing to official websites, try making a personal blog. Websites like WordPress and Wix let you make free, custom websites to publish work. You can create a digital portfolio by uploading work there regularly, and even share with family and friends to get their feedback!


If you want to submit work for publishing, it’s best to start with some research. Newspapers sometimes have open writing submissions for people to send in work, and so do magazines. Find something that relates to the type of writing you enjoy, contact them, and try sending in your work. If you stay determined and keep trying, you’ll be sure to have published work before long!


4. Write as much as you can!

The last tip sounds a bit obvious, but it may be the most important one. The more you write, the better your work will be. Even if it’s only for thirty minutes every day, set aside time to practice your writing skills. You can try any sort of writing you want, as long as you’re practicing regularly. Some days you’ll feel like you have no ideas or good writing at all, but the more you write, the more confident you will be about your work. If you write every day, you will also have more interesting, original ideas about what you want to write in the future. Remember, practice makes perfect! Best Tips For First Time Writers

When you first start writing, you will feel scared and doubtful. But if you keep these tips in mind, keep trying, and soon your writing skills will become much stronger. If you have other writing tips that have helped you develop your own work, please share them in the comments below or by tagging us on our social media, our Instagram Handle is paxedutainment!

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