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Practical learning and development experience is an important part of any course. Be it a business or a creative curriculum. One way that students go about it is through internships, where they gain practical work experience as well as learn the working ecosystem of a corporation. We understand that a university want their students to learn as much as they can so we at PAX Edutainment are delighted to provide services and solutions to cater to student international learning and development programs and internships. We have international on-ground assistance, local knowledge of countries, and all other facilities for university students to experience the best while interning abroad!

How to make it happen?

PAX Edutainment focuses on tailoring programs for each university according to their specific needs. We aim to let your students step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves as they gain experience and knowledge related to their field of choice in an international working environment.


We offer internship Placements to students in their field of choice in international corporate offices, we also provide international corporate and industry visits (as a separate learning and development program). We tailor personalised programs so that a student can intern for however long they require to, from 4 weeks to up to 24. We offer intern opportunities in Mauritius, Singapore, United Kingdom, Indonesia & India where we arrange their place of stay for them in comfortable apartments or villas with facilities that keep them comfortable and give a premium personal living experience abroad with all necessary needs being fulfilled. We take care of the student’s meals as well and realise that too much food from outside might not be healthy, add more to the expenses and that some students might be vegetarian so we offer home cooked vegetarian meals to students that are made with spices that we carry with us straight from India to keep you healthy! We also arrange for the daily transportation going to and from the place of stay to the office to ensure safety.

Why PAX Edutainment?

All students who chose to intern through PAX get an internship placement in their industry of choice. We conduct a thorough screening interview to understand the student and their requirements, after which we recommend the perfect workspace environment for each student. This personalised experience will keep your students very comfortable as they intern abroad.

We provide 24-hour on-site support to all students and are there for them if they need anything at all. Our team members are there in adequate numbers to provide for each student and we make sure to respond and solve each inconvenience within 24 hours. Our student’s requirements are our priority and we always tend to them before anything else to keep them as comfortable as possible.

We always provide our interns with visa support and help them go through the process as smoothly as possible. So that you as an Organiser do not have to worry at all. Leave all the work to us!

We understand that some of the students might be travelling abroad for the first time, and even if they aren’t, we always plan all our internship programs with great care and attention to detail. This is why we offer fully planned, inclusive & integrated services and solutions with our programs throughout the year. This way the only thing that you need to worry about is packing your bags! (For which we also provide a checklist of essentials).

We are trusted partners of the top ranked universities all over India and around the world as we always take care of each detail to drive and deliver happy and meaningful experiences. We book flights for the students, take care of their accommodations, all the meals for the day, daily travel arrangements to and fro office, cultural trips and many more personalised gifts and services that we offer throughout their stay as part of our on-ground experience delivery!

We always provide our interns with visa support and help them go through the process as smoothly as possible. So that you as an Organiser do not have to worry at all. Leave all the work to us!

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