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Team PAX is known for delivering great experiences for both the students as well as their host companies! We place extremely talented and hardworking interns in corporates across India, Mauritius, Singapore, Dubai and United Kingdom. From huge multinational companies to start ups, we strive to pair the right student with the right company!

We also strive to provide the most talented hospitality management trainees for a duration of 4 months - 12 months (as per the hotel requirements) in Mauritius, Singapore and Dubai.

Our application process is very thorough during which we do multiple screening not only to know the student’s interests, skills and experience, but also what kind of work environment serves them best. We assemble for companies similar screening matrix so that we can pair them up with a student that fits in seamlessly and adds to the company’s goals and authenticity. Our interns are available from 2 weeks to 6 weeks (in a general case), and a few until 20-24 weeks and we place interns throughout the year – with major peak being April-August and December-February! 

How can PAX help you?

We take care of all the on-ground experiential, compliance and logistical aspects of the interns. Their place of stay, their daily travel to office, their visa, food, etcetera, so that you as a host company do not have to worry about anything! We want our students to have the most authentic experience of a global learning environment!


Our interns are dedicated to learn and appreciate an orientation upon arrival to get to know the place and how things work. We always have on ground support and team pax is there to help you out or answer any queries that you have, we almost always deliver within 24 hours!


At PAX Edutainment Pvt. Ltd., the team is committed on ensuring that all our stakeholders experience the best possible service and outcome from their engagement with our company. With just over 10 years of experience, we have established a position of a preferred internship provider by most leading Corporates in Mauritius, Singapore, Indonesia and United Kingdom. We can guarantee that interns hosted by your organisation are of high capability and match your key requirements making them a potential asset to your company and helping your company internationalise your workplace. We have delivered over 5000 aspiring students with Corporate Internships with a sole purpose to promote Internationalism and maximise the professional relationship between the students and the corporates to co-create an institution that benefits all, while giving corporate work experience and provides a helping hand to give global value in the current work ecosystem.

Benefits for your Company

No financial commitments for hiring interns!

You get hardworking interns who just want to learn and gain experience, an extra set of hands for your organisation who won’t stop at any cost!

Save Time

and money, let us find the perfect match for your organisation, someone with the appropriate experience and skills!

All requirements are ticked off

We have been in the business for 10 years now and have collaborations with top universities all across India, Mauritius, Dubai, Singapore and other parts of the world to ensure the quality and productivity of our interns, so that this experience is beneficial for both parties!

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