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Corporate Educational Internship

The road to corporate world doesn’t always have to begin at a University level, earlier students get exposed to the world of Business, better are the chances for them to be a successful business leader. Our 14 days tailor made International program is primarily focused for youngest budding entrepreneurs from the age of 13 onwards. The number of days and elements of the program can be customised to suit academic requirements and the program is tailor made for a student’s learning and development in a global work environment. We provide our corporate education internship program in Mauritius and Singapore.

The 14 days of program has four elements, which is completely customizable to a 7-10-14 days program tailoring the elements as per needs and requirements:

4 days of Corporate Exposure

One of the core elements of the program is to indulge the young minds to ample amount of corporate therapy where the students would be involved in small live projects from some of the finest Corporates in Mauritius & Singapore, attend workshops conducted by experts from various fields of business in the fields of marketing, international business, finance, human resource practises and other subjects of interest, be a part of interactive sessions with some of the best corporate and visit global standard industries. Just the right amount oomph factor to kickstart a student’s drive to a Corporate Environment and give them the environment of real time international working environment.

4 days of Societal Impact

The applicants take up practical volunteering work with international NGO’s in Mauritius which contributes towards United Nations Sustainable Development goals to develop a broader perspective towards various sections of the society. The key learning for a future leader is to understand the societal impact that one can co-create and the contribution one can make, it also helps develop a sense of Humanity & Empathy which plays a vital role in a success of a student.

3 days of Cultural Element

We at PAX believe that “you grow and become a better person when you travel to learn abroad” and going to a whole new country’s which hosts internationals as much as its country population every year, it’s only fair that a student’s gets to see Mauritius & Singapore - all its Beauty and Glory. These three days are structured in such a way that you get to experience the whole island in the most exciting way possible. Some of the places that would be covered in Mauritius are: Hiking at Le Morne (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Yacht Ride in Catamaran to Ile Aux Cerf island, finest places at the Southern tip of Mauritius Island, exotic locations in the North of Mauritius Island. Some of the many places that would be covered in Singapore are: Hike at Macritchie Nature Trail & Reservoir Park, Merlion Park in Singapore, botanical garden, Universal Studios.

3 days of Self discovery

Despite a hectic schedule in the program 3 days are strategically placed where the students are given time to explore the island, under the supervision of our team in Mauritius & Singapore. May it be going for Shopping, or relax on some of the most beautiful beaches, go do something adventures like Scuba Diving, Visit the famous Wild life parks like Casela, 23 colours of soil, etc Mauritius has a lot to offer while Singapore offers Madame Tussauds, Singapore Flyer, Chinatown, Sentosa island to visit on self discovery days.

5 Step of Enrolling yourself for a better future:

Step 1

Application form

Once interested, you must fill Application form, by clicking on the application form button below, with all required details and attach CV in the application form. If for some reason you are unable to attach your CV email it to info@paxedutainment.com with the subject as “your name – CV for Corporate Education Internship Program in Mauritius”.

Step 2

Screening Process

Within 7 days of filling the application form you will undergo a screening process of 20-30 minutes. The screening interview will be over a phone call/Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom. This screening calls helps us analyse and understand your aspirations, intent to apply for internship, your subject knowledge.

Step 3

Selection Letter

The selected applicants will be emailed with a letter of selection over email and physical letters will be sent to the college administration by courier, if required.

Step 4

Initial Payment for PAX to begin the process

After receiving your selection letter over email, you will be required to make an initial payment which confirms for us that you would like to Sign Up for the program and initiate for our team PAX to book your flights, visa and accommodation.

Step 5

Making the remaining payment

30 days before the date of final departure, an applicant has to make the remaining payment of the program for PAX to do the necessary proceedings to book their food, official travel in Mauritius, and other necessary arrangements.

What is included in program fee

International Airfare

Visa formalities 

Accommodation in Flic en Flac (Mauritius) & Paya Lebar (Singapore)

Official Transportation (for corporate, societal and cultural element)

Food (Self preparatory Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Airport pickup and drop off

All Official Activities

Certificates of Internship

Pre and Post Internship Advice from experts 

Memories to last a life time. 

All Official Activities and 24 hour onsite support

What is not included in the Program fee

Bank Transfer fees 


Personal leisure activities


When is the application deadline?

An ideal applicant must apply 3 months prior to when you actually want to go. The more time our team have in our hands, the better the organisations we will be able to confirm you with for your learning and development in your interest. We do have limited seats and more applicants, so the sooner you apply, the better your odds.

Do I need to know the local language?

No, you do not need to know the local language! We always find organizations that are comfortable with conversing in a global language (English in particular) so that it’s easier for the intern as well as the organization to discuss, mentor and implement the project ideas with your assigned roles and responsibilities.

What organizations do you partner with?

We keep in mind that this should be a learning experience for the intern. So, we always find organizations which can mentor our interns in the societal and corporate elements and provide an enriching experience. From big corporations to start-ups, NGOs contributing to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals whichever supports your learning aspirations better is available from our end!

What type of accommodations will be offered?

We always provide students with fully furnished places to stay so that it’s easier for them to be comfortably adapt into. Our policy is to not keep more than 2 interns in one room, if you would like to take a single occupancy room, you need to inform us during the screening call. From the air conditioner to kitchen essentials you’ll need for all your meals in a day, we take care of everything! We place students in Flic En Flac which is the most beautiful as well as visited beach in Mauritius along and accommodation is generally 3-10 minutes walking distance from white sand beach. In Singapore we keep our students at Paya Lebar from where super markets are 300-400 metres distance and bus stops and metro is in the radium of 700 metres.

Are these internships paid?

No, we do not provide paid internships upto 3 months or shoter duration. For more than 3 months or longer duration we do offer in many cases paid internship. The reason being that is twofold:

One, we provide learning experiences, we want you to go to companies that are willing to help you out and mentor you! Secondly, our objective is deliver this experience to maximum students and best support them with learning in their field of interest and keeping any stipend in place limits our team to achieve our vision for the students. However, we do have students that get stipends at the end of their internship period if the company really likes their work! If a company offers you any stipend or a gift you should humbly accept but should not opt for a pre-mindset of getting a stipend/gift by the end of internship.

Work-based learning is regarded as an educational opportunity, and more enriching & value driven experiences as international internships, the same is applied for Mauritius and Singapore work ecosystem by our team for you.

Nevertheless, in cases, some interns can and do receive remuneration while other students do receive in-kind rewards and recognitions from their respective organizations of internships depending upon their performance, etc.

However, our team does not make payment of stipend a priority when finalizing internship in the domain of student's element of interest and we therefore recommend that you assume the internships of students will be unpaid for 3 months or shorter duration.

Is there a minimum age to attend corporate internships?

Yes, you need to be at least 14+ years old or a university student.

I would like to book my own flights is there a provision to customise the package?

We can customise each and element we provide in our internship, in-case you would like to book your own flights, or book your own accommodation and manage your own meals, we would readily support you in doing that. In-case you want to customise/make any changes you may let our team know in the beginning during the screening call so that we could take a special note of the same.